Pre or Post Wedding Photography

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Pre Wedding Photographers in Chittagong are slowly changing the trend.  Pre Wedding Photography has now become a norm.  Weddings have undergone a metamorphosis of sorts in more senses than one and pre-wedding functions have gained ascendancy and universal acceptance. Pre Wedding Shoots are even more special than the actual wedding shots as they show the couple as ‘a part and also as a whole’- mutually exclusive.

Pre Wedding Photographers in Chittagong have a demanding job on hand. The photographer needs to showcase the couple attired in non-bridal clothing at exotic locations in rather special ways. For the couple too, getting to know each other better is a vital part of the ‘big game’ and the pre wedding shoots tend to focus on that aspect.

To get the best pre wedding photography means the locale as well as the couples’ mood need to be in sync. The clothes and outfits- usually casual, are so chosen that they complement each other’s styles. Some of the shots taken actually find their way to social media while some are retained as ‘private memorabilia’.


Role of Pre wedding photographers

 It always helps photographers when they know their subjects better. Pre wedding photographers in Chittagong take this opportunity to get closer to the couple. This helps them take better photographs, capture the personality of the couple and make that sense of togetherness come through. The resulting photographs are redolent of sweet memories of freedom coupled with a sense of bonding.

The pictures speak volumes of the sense of companionship and intimacy that exists and augurs well for the days to come. It’s a fun way of enjoying themselves before the ‘big day’ and allows them to be the ‘stars’ without anyone else sharing the limelight. Our pre wedding photographers capture the essence and spirit of the couple beautifully and effortlessly. No wonder then that we are responsible for some of the best pre wedding photography.

How Pre wedding photography has evolved

 Such shoots have become so common that it’s odd not to have one. Today, photographers use digital techniques to snap and click pictures that are more real and natural than the stilted wedding photos. Our Pre wedding photographers in Chittagong offer great services in the form of collages and albums, which are cherished forever by the couple as well as their near and dear ones!

Pre wedding photographers in Chittagong at Canvas of Color have a lot of experience under their belts and can make an ordinary location look absolutely splendid. Depending on the kind of theme that the couple desires, they suggest the best time of the day for the shoots. They even suggest the kind of outfits the couple needs to wear and recommend colors that will complement.

Call us when you need us and we’ll respond with the most awesome and amazing pictures the best pre wedding photography by Pre wedding photographers in Chittagong and shots that you’ll cherish for lifetime.

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